February Student Showcase

February Student Showcase
Posted on 03/01/2019
February ShowcaseOn February 28th, Franklin Elementary school hosted its second Student Showcase. Families and students filed in the doors at 5:30 for a night of fun and showcasing projects.

The evening was filled with several "stations": Frankie's Pizzeria, Mathnasium, and the Student Showcases.

Families enjoyed pizza at Frankie's Pizzeria. The Pizzeria consisted of a "drive thru" and a restaurant style experience. Frankie's employees included K4 and K5 students from Team Inspiration and Team Imagination. These students worked really hard to learn about running a restaurant. They created table settings, decorations, and learned how to serve guests. Students did such a great job serving families pizza and beverages! 

Families also enjoyed some fun at the Mathnasium. The Mathnasium was sponsored by our Franklin PTA. The Mathnasium included volunteers that taught students and families 10 different math games. These math games were FUN and taught families how to experience math with their children. If you played all 10 games...you entered to win a raffle prize!

Of course, it's a Student Showcase so the halls were filled with student work. Students presented their work on the second and third floor hallways. Work was displayed on easels and tables. The halls filled with posters, iPads, clay models, cardboard houses, and more! Students stood at a station with their work and presented their projects to their families and others walking by!

It was a great night filled with proud moments and smiling faces. Great job students! __