Gifted, Creative, & Talented

The West Allis-West Milwaukee School District strives to meet the needs of each individual student through the use of differentiation strategies. In keeping with the district initiative to further individualize student instruction, the Gifted, Creative and Talented Program has integrated components from many different models to create a program that best fits our vision and goals. There are many kinds of intelligence's and we are striving to represent students from all five domains (general intellectual ability, specific academic ability,creativity, leadership, visual and/or performing arts).

We believe that EVERY child is gifted and our GCT teachers will be collaborating with the classroom teacher to ensure that differentiation strategies and modifications are in place for every student.

School-wide Enrichment Model (Joseph S. Renzulli):

  • This model allows the schools to have flexibility to develop its own programs based on local resources, student demographics and school dynamics.

  • Student services range from classroom differentiation for all students (Level 1), collaboration in small groups to build critical thinking skills and problem solving skills (Level 2), and individualized services to build inquiry skills and real world problem solving skills (Level 3).

  • GCT Teachers will be working primarily within the classroom setting offering academic support.