What's Going on in Team Perseverance!?

What's Going on in Team Perseverance!?
Posted on 11/20/2017
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Team Perseverance is a second and third grade team taught by Mrs. Czaplewski and Mrs. Gutzwiller. Right now students are placed either with Mrs. Czaplewski or Mrs. Gutzwiller based on their learning needs! No matter what teacher the students are currently working with, they are all extremely engaged in their learning because their teachers LOVE to do fun things with their students!

Here is what Mrs. Czaplewski is up to! In math, students are using different strategies to subtract 3 and 4 digit numbers. In reading, students are learning and reading all about...FROGS! Mrs. Czaplewski ordered some tadpoles to help them learn all about frogs….unfortunately, all of the tadpoles died. :( Students are working on finding the main idea, key details, and answering questions about the text.

There are extremely awesome things happening in writing! Mrs. Czaplewski and her students are publishing a book called "Girls Who Changed the World." Each student is researching an important woman in history. They're taking notes and then writing and illustrating a page about the woman they researched to include in the book.

Want to know something unique Team Perseverance does!? Students play for at least 15 minutes each day. Kids get a break, have fun, and learn problem solving and cooperation skills while forming new friendships. It sure helps them get ready for their learning!

Now onto Mrs. Gutzwiller and her students! In reading, students are finding the main idea of a text and writing the gist of the text. The main idea should be 20 words or less! Students are reading and learning about the life cycle of plants and trees!

In Math, students are practicing adding a 2 digit number with a 1 digit number (with and without regrouping). Students were engaged in a super fun hands-on activity to practice their math goal! Students were placed in groups of two and they used base ten blocks, hula hoops, and yard sticks to practice adding numbers and regrouping.  

Last week, all students in Team Perseverance got to FaceTime Mrs. Gutzwillers grandpa who is a veteran! Students learned about what a veteran is and then got to ask him lots of questions and thank him for his service! How awesome!

Team Perseverance students are lucky to have Mrs. Czaplewski and Mrs. Gutzwiller who always teach them in such engaging ways! _