What's Going on in Team Empower!?

What's Going on in Team Empower!?
Posted on 11/15/2017
Team Empower

What’s going on in Team Empower!?

Team Empower is a second grade team taught by Mrs. Garvey and Ms. Hayes! Mrs. Garvey used to be known as Ms. Bergan but she got married recently! Congratulations Mrs. Garvey!

Team Empower is always working hard. Students are often extremely engaged in their learning and they work together a lot! In reading, Team Empower is currently focusing on making a plan and to really think about what is happening in the story while solving tricky words. In writing, students are focusing on teaching their audience facts about their topics. Students are writing informational pieces on a topic they feel they are an expert on! Students should continue practicing their capital letters!

In Math, students are currently working on adding three or four two-digit numbers with regrouping.

Julia Cruse is Team Empowers star student of the week! Congratulations Julia! Julia is a hard worker and does her best to complete her work every day!