Technology Update from Mrs. Kosinski

Technology Update from Mrs. Kosinski
Posted on 12/06/2017
Technology Collage

Hello (from Mrs. Kosinski)!

Wow! How is it already December!? These first few months of school have been so busy for me and have flown by! I wanted to give some insight on what is new within the library and technology classes at Franklin Elementary since we have come a very long way since last year and I am both excited and proud of how things have changed!

First off, I was able to eliminate our desktop computers in the library and replace them with Chromebooks. The desktop computers were taking up a lot of space and this has been able to open up the library completely! With this new space I’ve created what we call a “Makerspace”. A Makerspace is where students get to combine technology and everyday materials to create some amazing things. They can use their creativity and problem solving skills to find their passions. A special thanks to all families that have donated materials!

The current technology in our library includes: 1 Sphero, 3 Osmo’s, Lego Storytelling Kits, Lego WeDo 2.0 Kits (robotic Legos), Math Lego Kits, Little Bits (circuit builders), 3 Makey Makey’s, 3 Code-a-Pillars, 2 mBots, and 15 Chromebooks.

With our materials and our new space in the library I have begun teaching all of my classes in the library (with the exception of 4K/5K due to time constraints). Currently, students in fourth and fifth grade have been going through rotations during each session of technology. They have been using all of our technology materials and are really exploring. Students in fourth and fifth grade have been encouraged to work together, create their own projects, problem solve (and have fun) during these rotations! It has been GREAT! Some of the rotations include:

  • Building and controlling an mBot (students are actually BUILDING a robot!)

  • Creating pianos and games using the Makey Makey’s

  • Coding and controlling our Sphero (a round robot)

  • Using our “Little Bits” to create their own projects, such as, an automatic greeter

  • …….And much more!


Other classes are able to utilize some of these materials during their technology classes. I often teach a full group lesson and then while students are working on a project or task I set up the Osmo’s and Sphero for students to use. (If you don’t know what those are ask your child today!!!)

Not only are students immersing in these technology projects and experiences during class they also have been visiting the library and Makerspace outside of technology with their classroom teacher!

For example, I recently taught with Mrs. Gutzwiller to extend the students’ learning on Plants and Pollinators. Students in her class have been learning about plants and pollination, therefore, we began building pollinators with Legos, but not just ordinary Legos...ROBOTIC LEGOS….that the students can CODE! Students worked in groups to follow step by step directions to create a bee on an axle and coded that bee to spin around and  pollinate a flower...and these students are in second and third grade…. How amazing is that? They did such a great job!


Currently, I’m working with Mrs. Czaplewski on creating frog habitats using cardboard and Makerspace materials. After students create their habitats we are going to create Lego robotic frogs to move around their habitats!

It has been so great to dig deeper into technology with the students so far this year. I look forward to the progress they make and the projects they create. I will continue to share students’ creations on Class Dojo, Facebook, and the website!